Custom Horse Tack

If you’ve been thinking about treating yourself to a custom tack set: do it.

I’m on my second custom set from Double K Leather Works (not endorsed, I just love her work) and let me tell you, it’s a lot more fun having something completely custom and uniquely you.

How many times will I pull up to a show and see 10 other horses wearing the exact same thing? Zero.

And for me, part of the fun is working with a leather artist to create the perfect piece. This one pictured is supposed to be my horse show set, but, as you can see, I love it too much to let it collect dust in the trailer.

I also have a custom halter for miss Getta, which is actually quite durable.

The common misconception for me (before finding unicorn, Kira) was that custom wasn’t as high quality. If it isn’t mass-produced, how do I know it’s built correctly? Boy, what a mistake!

All of my custom tack has help up the same, if not better, than anything I’ve purchased from a big brand. You can see the care in each detail and every stitch, and that really makes each custom piece quite special.

And even when I’ve eventually worn them all out, each piece will have permanent residency in my collection.

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